Monday, December 29, 2008

Tiesto involved in DJ Hero..?

One of DJMag's favorite jocks, Tiesto, has announced that he is currently working with Activision on an electronic music-centric version of Guitar Hero.

Aptly titled DJ Hero, the game has not officially been announced by Activision, but is rumored by many publications to "contain a turntable controller and support Guitar Hero controllers as well."
DJ Tiesto presents Allure mp3
In his recent newsletter to fans, Tiesto was quoted as saying, "I am very excited about this! I think this is a great way to introduce people into DJing. Maybe they realize it’s not as easy as they think. I am sure this brings new fans to the scene, dance music is not far from hip-hop for example. Hopefully the music I have composed appeals to all kinds of fans!"

In a strange reversal, however, a Billboard story later that day quotes a spokesperson from Tiesto's US label, Ultra, as saying that "the statement is not from Tiesto or his management, and although Tiesto has been in talks with Activision about the game, nothing has been finalized." (Strange that someone would be using the first person in Tiesto's newsletter, but we'll take their word for it.)

Either way, we're guessing we'll hear much more about the game very soon—and crossing our fingers that Ricardo Villalobos tracks are included in the "expert section" so that amateur mixers can see what they're really made of.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

DJ Tiesto - the first!

Tiyst Vervest was born on 17 January 1969 in the Dutch town of Breda. His interest in music manifested itself very early, at 12 years, he has something composed. When he was 14 years old, he has played in the local club The Spock on Fridays and Saturdays from 22.00 to 4.00 am! At that time, Breda was not the center of House music, but it has created his style of music and wrap-up "sounding DJ Tiesto". There were no other DJs, therefore, it is not influenced by the style of work anyone else. Spock is a very small club, however, a very extravagant as the Roxy. There is enough space for 200 people. "Do not have values if there were fewer people, I can do what want." Isolation "from other DJs was only useful. I could develop their music and themselves."

Massive developing in Europe, club culture emerged in the mainstream, increasing thus their level. Thus was born a new generation of artists, musicians and producers. Tijs Verwest aka DJ Tiesto, - one of its representatives.

DJ Tiesto has been a passion to convey to the audience and his music at the beginning of his career, lived and worked in his native Holland, has that played the little-known discos music in the style of acid house, new beat and some of pop-music. He liked the work of Madonna because her music show that she likes to dance. Before the release of her albums have been ready to dance mixes. Just then came the famous hit Madonna - "Vogue" and he was one of the songs, plays in Spock'e.
There he was spotted and representatives of Rotterdam label Basic Beat. For them Tiys brought its first didzheyskuyu compilation of "Forbidden paradise", which had grave success in Holland.

Soon he moved to a more prominent clubs, which focus on the club and popular music from the Dutch charts. As a result, he opted for house music, simple hybrids bits imposed on deep bass, and began to create his own musical style. This recipe yielded excellent results.

Tiesto "brought" trans culture in Holland in 1993, but the success went to Tiesto first abroad and only then at home. "Several years ago I was asked to come and play their plates throughout England and Scandinavia. Then I was DJ # 1 in Scandinavia, but in my own country, no one, except for a certain group of people who had not been aware of my abilities as a de - Jay. I took about two years to conquer Holland, "- said Tiesto.

Like all the great music industry, he was hard school of life before reached heights. For several years, Tiesto was an ordinary DJ at the Amsterdam party, and then worked on scaffolding cheap nightclubs in Germany and England. His first fortune fell by 96 a year, a breakthrough occurred when the Dutch trance / house sound, led by such legendary figures as Vincent De Moor and Ferry Corsten.

In 1997, DJ Tiesto, along with his friend and colleague Arni Binkom founds own label Black Hole Recording and begins to publish collections of quality house music. A series of "Forbidden Paradise" and "Guardian Angel label" - it was the idea of Arny. Compilation series "In search of sunrise" and, especially, "Magik" made a name Tiesto known far beyond the Holland home. Today, under the brand name that has already released 7 compilations.

Tiesto likes to play a 7-8 hour sety. "Because when you play somewhere in two hours, you never know what it was before you and that will come after. You can not play the same their songs, so you always know ... Seven hours - so long game, and after a submission, I exhale completely, because when I play, I need to transfer my feelings into music. This requires very serious concentration. For 15 minutes before the start so I'm in itself that I did not even hear what I say . Playing music is much more than just put a plate on my equipment. Tempo - the most important thing in house music. You can play the same tracks two nights in succession, but one night the audience will be bored, but on the other - to disengage full! Being a DJ and play - as a sport. " There is one muses. The theme that everyone knows - one of those DJ Tiesto played at the first Innercity. It was the bombing of a career for him and his music.

"Innercity was one of the best events for me in the year, not only because it was my breakthrough. At the time, I do not even realize. But the party was very big and very good. The first Innercity was the first big night for my DJ career, and I think that

track was the best of all, that I have ever had. It was a super super EST for the public. "

After Innercity DJ Tiesto, was invited to play at festevalyah Love Parade, Nature One, Gatecrasher Summer 1999 and Hyperstate. Yet he went (and is) to Ibiza. "The people who come to Ibiza, wants only one - good music and party! They are very open and sensitive. You do not sleep there because the Party at Ibiza continues 24 hours a day."

Since November 1999 on a month playing in Gatecrasher'e, one of the most famous clubs in England. "Gatecrasher is amazing! When you are standing there, you see the ocean people. It's like a tin filled with people. Gatecrasher is not very big but there may tusovatsya to 25000 people. And so the audience believes you! If you have a small depression at the time When you play, they literally save you. "They love breaks, when bit tail away, they started to shout and yell, flakes's hands as though the English football team team scored a goal from penalty kick! This gives such a sense as if you daesh concert. Interaction between Gatecrasher and the audience is very special. "

Then, in autumn 1999 the first, he founded recordshop called Magik the recordshop at the heart of his native city of Breda in West-Brabant.

In 2000 the light went out a collection of "Summerbreeze", which was presented at the Tiesto remix song "Silence" British Group Delirium. His success has been just phenomenal. "Silence" proderzhalas 4 weeks at the top of hit parade of Great Britain and reached third place in the Chart American Billboard.

Tiesto has become incredibly well known among British klubovladeltsev, although he never played, in any club in London. He conquered his amazing sound Ibiza. Unlike their British colleagues, he likes to work in Germany, Belgium and even Scandinavia. In 2001 he appeared on all the major dance festivals of Britain and was universally adopted by the cheers for his stunning Homelands, not to mention his Essential Mix on Radio 1. Address Tiesto also praised for Mayday and Nature One.

The fact that it is professional quality formed the basis for his grand success, surely you can judge by his first remix of Delerium 'The Silence' and 'Innocent', Shiller 'Das Glckenspiel', Jan Johnston 'Flesh' or on its own mix 'Fight 643 'and' Suburban Train '. Following the success of his compilation 'In Search of Sunrise' and 'Magick', he recorded his first double DJ CD-mix - 'Revolution', which went to Virgin Records in 2001.

And today Tiesto is at the zenith of its glory. Two years in a row (and this is a unique achievement), an influential British magazine DJ Mag calls it didzheem No. 1 in the world. Also Tiesto was named best DJ'ya at festivals such as the Nokia TMF Awards, Dutch DJ Awards, Dancestar USA, MTV Music Awards and many others. He is a resident of the famous British club and Cream, Van Polom together with the dike, speaking at A picture on the label Ibiza. His didzheysky EST warm up the audience before the concert world stars such as David Bowie and Moby. In Holland, at his joint statement with a symphony orchestra was sold to 25000 (!) Tickets. Tiesto - celebrity world whose game admired P Diddy, Naomi Campbell and Cameron Diaz. His tour schedule raspisan for the year ahead. His second studio album "Just Be" critics dubbed "the main sensation in 2004.

Despite the amazing success in its work, Tijs Verwes the same guy that was before. He wants to do something good for people who already were his friends before his dizzying ascension.

Tiesto has spared no time to shake the hands of impatient fans, extending his DJskomu place during his set (a big concern of the security service). Once, at the end of their set in Amsterdam at 7:00 am, he was delayed at the scene DJ, because they handed out autographs and spoke with their fans. When he ceased paper for autographs, he signed several plates, which served as a set and gave them to their fans. This happens rarely among the well-known DJs.

Tiesto collaborated with musicians such as Armin Van Buuren (Major League draft and the Alibi), MB de Goeij (Kamaya Painters), Cor Fijneman (Allure), Ferry Corsten (Vimana and Gouryella).

In the bank Tiesto is also a lot of different tracks and remixes: Sparkles - one of the most successful of his hits, Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Tiesto made a very good remix), Lunatic Asylum - Cabal (DJ Tiesto Remix), Green Court feat. Devision - Shining (DJ Tiesto remix), Flight 643, Subspace Interference.

Producing ability DJ Tiesto is also remarkable: Magikal Remake of such things as Aria One - Willow, Allure - We Ran At Dawn, and especially the excellent track Yahel - Going Up.

At a time when many de-dzhei trying to follow the blinding tendency to play only popular music to the masses, DJ Tiesto is trying to choose songs that you will surely be remembered for long.

Best DJ 2002 and 2003, in the opinion of the authoritative magazine DJ Magazine. Dj number one rated magazine DJ TOP 100. Although not all the ratings, he acknowledged leader, set the tone and rhythm of movement.

In 2004, DJ Tiesto, was invited to the opening of the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, which played 90 minute set. This is the highest achievement for a DJ.

A unique blend of Progressive Trance, mixed with up-beat House, hurt the string of soul in every audience. He is insatiable passion for music and is not afraid to show that passion in each of its work. While that makes it difficult to call work - it's quite a general idea of what he was doing. Anyone who has ever coming under shelter passion for creation, understand the feeling vanishes as time and space at the time of immersion in this state. Tiesto is no exception in this sense, at the time of creation own music or execution set for the whirligig. Once in a state of trance on tancpole, the musical genius can hold six hours sety clubs in high-class type Amnesia on the island of Ibiza. It is just as if it were connected to a power supply coming from tancpole and its relationship to dancing mass of people, which in turn receives energetic charge. This energy feeds his soul, which is a resonator between his music and his fans. Tiesto himself acknowledges that much of humanity is experiencing mental distress of his music.